Product Features

Form Builder


Layout flexibility

We are offering free flexibility without limitations. You can create customized forms with our easy-to-use platform which is offering you the liberty to arrange items in any place you want on the page.


You can simply start building by choosing a template from our list and modify it as you need, with no restrictions.

Responsive layouts

Your work will be adaptive on smartphone, tablet or computer. Using our responsive layouts, your form will look perfect on any device!

Advanced theme support

In addition to choosing or customizing a predefined theme, each input colors can be modified individually.


What you see is what you get.

Start building your form, with our easy-to-use drag and drop editor. You can arrange elements using precise pixel positions.


Strong conditional logic

Use complex formulas in order to hide / show / populate the values of your fields, and also set up advanced payments formulas for online shops.

It’s easy to add logic to your online shop or form. Conditional logic means that you have complete control over the fields, you can hide, show or populate them. You can make certain options available depending on what choices the user has made. I can also set up advanced payments formulas.

Target your audience

Schedule – You can program your form to be available according to the schedule you created.

Geolocation- You can restrict the access to your form based on Geolocation and make it available in any country you want.

Unique responses – You can choose to have unique responses for your survey with a simple click.

Password Protection – Choose which person can complete your form, by setting a required password. You can use password protection if you want to limit the access to your form, to make it visible only for a specific group (for example, your employees).

Rich set of inputs

Create advanced forms by using our set of 20+ input types.

Optimized for keyboards also

People input data with keyboards most of the time. This product is optimized for such input method.

Custom domain

We are offering complete solutions from building to hosting your forms.

Choose to host your presentation forms on your own domain or use for free an AbcSubmit subdomain.


SEO, the short for search engine optimization is the process that helps your form to appear in the search engines. By optimizing your form for the search engines, you can increase your visibility in the organic (unpaid) search engine results.

The forms built with AbcSubmit are already SEO optimized.

Google Analytics

Track the traffic from your form through Google Analytics. Find out how your form is performing online and make decisions on how to attract more users. The forms built with AbcSubmit can be tracked by Google Analytics.


Focus on your business and have no worries about the security of your database

Secure cloud solutions

Based on cloud AI security solutions, your data collected from your users are protected from VPN / Proxy / Bad reputation networks

We know that you have the responsibility to protect your customer’s data, that’s why we are using secure cloud solutions.

Cloud-based security has better tracking and monitoring of attacks, they provide real-time firewall and signature updates blocking harmful traffic, also boost the performance of your form speed by enabling CDN.

Submission data encryption

Your data is safe with us, you get free submission data encryption for any plan you choose, even for the free one. We believe that everybody should have their data protected and that’s why we are offering it for FREE.


Our forms are protected by reCaptcha from Google. We know that they are important, but we also know how annoying they can be, so we found the perfect way for you to protect your forms and your clients nerves.

Choose to have clean and error-free data, by using reCAPTCHA. This way, the submission process of your forms is protected from spammers. This option is already enabled and free to use.

GDPR compliant

Our forms are GDPR compliant. The platform was built from start not to store extra cookies and to make you feel relaxed about the legal formalities.


Google Sheets

Sync with Google Sheets and analyze your data.

Work with your team members at the same time on the same spreadsheet.

The integration with Google Sheets permits you to visualize your data with charts, add data filters and create pivot tables.


Create an online shop to sell your products using our order form builder and use Paypal to manage your payments. All you need is a PayPal account.

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