Big Data Database Collections For Your Forms And Websites

Save your leads into a big data collection, send any form data to your database collections, send email newsletters based on your collection, create an order forms using a Big Data Collection, export data from collections and create any online from design and functionality by using your own collections in the Code Field. Get all of these advantages with AbcSubmit BigData database collections.

Collections Benefits

Find out which are the benefits of your own database collection on AbcSubmit Website Builder and Form Builder.

Your own database tables

You can create your own collections on AbcSubmit

Import data in Collections

Import your data in your own collections in no time

Export Your collections

Export your database collections data as JSON or CSV 

Flexible Database Collections

You have the power to create your own collection architecture

Publish Your Collections

Publish your collection and use it inside the Field Code 

Send Collection Based Newsletters

Create and send newsletters using your collection data

Connect your forms with AbcSubmit Big Data Collections

By using AbcSubmit Form Builder and Website Builder software you have the power to create online forms and connect them with your AbcSubmit BigData Collections in no time.
Whether you want to save e-mail addresses for your newsletter, customer contacts, you need to add new products in your collection or just store your form data inside a collection, we’ve got you covered. 
Learn from here how to save form data in your collection.

Create email marketing campaigns based on your Big Data Database Collections

Create email marketing campaigns based on your database collections with AbcSubmit. You can save your contacts in a collection using forms or just import your contacts in your collection from a CSV file.

You can save multiple values in your collection column as tags an then you can create advanced email newsletters rules based on your collection tags and any other collection columns.

Use your collection inside the Code field

It’s easy now to create advanced eCommerce websites and custom website functionalities using your BigData Collection inside the Code Field. You have the power to create custom form features using your collections.

With the Code Field, you can write your own CSS, HTML and JavaScript code to generate content based on your collections.

Start creating your own BigData collections today!

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