Best hipaa compliant form builders

The ultimate list of best HIPAA-compliant form builders in 2021

Search for a HIPAA-compliant online form builder?

If yes, you’re not looking for just any form builder – you’re looking for a HIPAA-compliant form builder which will keep your medical records encrypted and transfer them in a secure manner.

You’re already HIPAA-compliant?

In this case, you can choose an on-premise form builder solution as AbcSubmit and keep all the data on your own infrastructure.

Before you commit to any form builder, ensure you understand how your data will be managed. Here’s a list of 5 key questions you should ask when evaluating HIPAA-complaint form builders.

  1. Do you have an option for a custom BAA?
  2. Have you been audited by a third-party vendor?
  3. How is my data stored in your database?
  4. Do you have a dedicated security team?
  5. What happens if my data is breached?

Let’s start with our hand-picked list of HIPAA-compliant forms builder:

1. Formstack

If your company is in a highly regulated industry, Formstack may be the best option for you.

Formstack offers specific HIPAA-compliant and GDPR-compliant forms that keep respondents’ private data secure. Additionally, Formstack will warn you if your form doesn’t meet Section 508 Compliance standards—e.g., they won’t work with assistive technologies like screen readers—ensuring everyone can fill your forms out.

Once data starts flowing in, you can make sure it goes to the right people by using Formstack’s workflows features. You can build approval workflows to send form data to certain people and let them review it online or via email before sending it to the next person on your team.

Wondering if your form would work better with different descriptions or with the form fields in a different order? Formstack includes an A/B testing tool to let you compare two versions of your forms directly. It also provides detailed analytics that shows you how people found your forms—and who was most likely to fill them out.

As for pricing, you have to contact Formstack for a price estimation. The HIPAA-compliance is only available with an Enterprise account.

2. JotForm

When you make the leap to HIPAA-compliant forms, you can build and submit forms in the same way as you typically would—the only difference is that the information collected is stored according to HIPAA standards.

JotForm lets you build a free form that does everything you need it to do and looks exactly how you want it to look. JotForm’s forms are much more customizable than forms created on Google Forms and Microsoft Forms, and unlike Wufoo, JotForm even lets you do things like accept payments and collect signatures without upgrading to a premium plan.

JotForm also stands out with its immense template library — you can choose from more than 10,000 form templates that cover everything from contact forms and employment applications to new patient registration forms and market research surveys. Use those templates, or start with a blank slate, to build single-page or multiple-page forms, including multiple-page forms with each question appearing on its own, separate page.

Then, add a logo, build or edit your form using nearly two dozen different types of form fields, set up payment integrations, and take advantage of a variety of widgets that let you do things like collect signatures, validate emails, add a progress bar, and much more.

If you need to work in a spreadsheet or create visuals, JotForm makes it easy to do that, too. Download your responses as an Excel spreadsheet, HTML table, or visual report. And if you don’t want to have to look through emails for every response, you can also set up an RSS feed to review your responses in your favorite RSS reader app.

For HIPAA-compliant forms, Jotform offers two pricing plans:

  1. Silver – $39 per month
  2. Gold – $99 per month
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