Top most used form templates on the web in 2019

What you will find in this article? The purpose of this article is to let you find out which are the most popular and the most used form templates in 2019 and what features you can use in order to build the perfect forms for your websites and landing pages. 

I’m sure you will need a form if you have a website. It doesn’t matter you need a contact form, order form, request a quote form, course registration forms, booking forms, customer satisfaction survey forms, feedback forms or any other custom forms, by starting from a free form template is the fastest way to get the job done.

Start creating you stunning forms using the most flexible form builder and free form templates.

1. The first place is taken by order form templates

Need an efficient way to collect orders for your online-based business? Read the article and you will find out some useful tips for your online ordering forms.

Our free order form templates make it easy to create secure online order forms. AbcSubmits’s free order form templates are powerful and simple to edit, so your customers will be placing orders in no time. It’s a great way to collect payments securely and gather customer information.

Get started by either starting from scratch with a free basic order form template or selecting from one of the ready to use order form samples. If you choose to create your own order form, use AbcSubmit form builder to fully customize and format your form to meet your needs. Get started with one of our free online order form templates!

Which types of order form templates are the most popular?

Well, the T-Shirt Order Form Template is probably the most used order form on the web. Yes, it’s true that there are a lot of other order forms which are frequently used on the web like Paypal Order Form Template, Bakery Order Form Sample, Cake Order Form, Ticket Order Form Template, Construction Change Order Form Template, Simple Payment Forms Sample, Clothing Order Form Template, Parts Order Form, etc, but the king of the online order forms still remains the T-Shirt Order Form Sample and you can use it for free using AbcSubmit order form maker with printable order forms.

What are the advantages of order form templates? 

Let’s say that you have some t-shirts for sale and you want to start selling online in 30 minutes. The form templates are a fast way to validate your business idea. By using a free order form template is easier, you have only to change the design, add your own products, you can create advanced workflows for your order form, add autoresponders, enable time-based email notifications, activate payments like Stripe, Square, Braintree, PayPal or cash on-site and you’re ready to sell your products online. 

Another big advantage of the order forms is that you can share the form link on social media, you can publish your order form on any website using the embed code and you don’t have to worry about databases, storage and other hosting related things.

What is there for me when using AbcSubmit order form builder? 

First of all, we can create your desired order form for you in no time, the setup is free and you only have to pay a subscription if you need pro features like workflows, a real online shop website, BigData collections, multiple payment processors (to our free plan you can use only PayPal and on-site payments) and so on. I want you to create my free order form.

2. The second most searched and used are contact form templates

Contact form templates are a great head start to get contacted, collect personal information, contact information and store them in a data collection using AbcSubmit form builder service. 

Our free contact form templates make it easy to build and publish your contact forms on any CMS website like WordPress, Joomla, etc. AbcSubmits’s free contact form templates are mobile-ready and fully customizable, so your website visitors can contact you from any device.

Why contact form templates are some of the most popular templates?

Well, contact forms seem like a very common feature that every website should have, yet it’s still something that’s not included in every website builder or CMS platforms.

For example, at the time of writing this, any kind of contact form functionality is available only through third-party plugins on WordPress. Luckily, AbcSubmit has a form builder plugin on WordPress so you can create and publish your online contact forms on your WordPress pages. Collect information with a stunning contact from design today!

Which are the advantages of contact form templates? 

The simple fact that you can use an already created contact form design is an advantage. Why create a PHP contact form from scratch using programming when it’s free to create html5  contact forms online using free drag and drop form builder software.

The other advantages are features such as connecting you submitted data with other apps like MailChimp, Zapier, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Slack and so on, create workflows with autoresponders for you submitters, saving customer data in a database collection, publish your contact form on any website and many more. All these are possible with AbcSubmit’s forms.

How do contact forms work?

It’s simple, you create your contact form from a ready to use templates or you can build it from scratch, set up email notifications, connect it with your favorite apps and publish it on your website. From now on, when the contact form is submitted you will receive email notifications and entries in your submission section.

Does AbcSubmit’s contact form builder have these features you are speaking about? 

Yes, all those features and many other features are available with AbcSubmit’s visual form builder. Do you want us to create your stunning contact forms? 

3. The third most used templates on the web are online registration form templates

Online registration form templates are one of the most searched form templates on the web due to the amazing advantages you can get by using free registration form samples to start creating your form. 5 online registration form advantages will be presented below, keep reading. 🙂 

With AbcSubmit registration form maker, you can create a patient registration form, Summer Camp Registration Form, Conference Registration Forms, Class Registration Form and any other online registration forms you may need. Our ready to use registration form templates make it easy to build your forms and accept registrants directly from your own website. 

Why event registration templates are some of the most popular web form templates?

In any event and social gathering, registrations forms are always on the record. They are important in tracking down the participants and also for other purposes. They can also help you know the number of participants that you will be handling for that day.

With an increasingly competitive events industry and all of the work that goes into hosting a marathon or local 5k, many event organizers are looking for innovative ways to streamline their workload and at the same time grow their event’s prestige and overall participant satisfaction. Gather information with a free registration form sample starting now!

Which are the advantages of using online event registration forms? 

1.    Quick and easy registration for the participant.  Paper registration requires the entrant to download the form and print it or pick up a copy from the event office, fill it out, write a cheque, and then either pay the postage to mail it back or get in their car to drop it off.  Online entry is a fast and seamless experience for a participant linking to the form from your official event website. 

2.    Automatic confirmation emails.  The average turn-a-round time from the day a paper entry form is received to when the entrant gets a confirmation of registration can take days or even weeks.  Our online registration form builder will send automatically a follow-up email to the participant notifying them that their payment has been received and space reserved in the event.

3.    Online data submission is secure.  With AbcSubmit registration form tool, you can be sure that your data is secured due to our encrypted submissions even from the free plan.

4.    Real-time reports.  Our online registration system will offer you the ability to watch your registration data flow into the database in real-time.  This means you can get a more accurate count of expected participants and the supplies needed to support them when they show up to the event.

5.    Using less paper is good for the environment.  This may seem a bit trivial, but with the growing trend of people altering their daily lives to reduce their personal impact on the environment, more and more event organizers are also doing their part and in the process finding that “Going Green” or “Paperless” and eliminating their paper entry forms is appealing to the athlete community.

Do you need us to create your event registration for free? 

Contact us using our contact form and send us the details, an Excel or PDF file and we will make your form in no time.

4. The fourth most used templates on the internet are online application form templates

Application form templates are one of the most useful and essential forms that help business, educational institutions and more to create their own application forms. Our specially designed application form builder helps you to create an extremely specific form without any difficulties.

What kind of application templates can I build with AbcSubmit?

If you want to create an exclusive application form, you can use the best template. You can also see the Job Application Form Template
Subscribe to Newsletter Form Sample, Class Registration Form Template, Course Registration Form Sample, Enter In Our Contest Form Template or just start creating your own Scholarship Application form starting from a black form. You can create a unique, device ready and user-friendly application form by using the finest and excellent application form templates on the market.

AbcSubmit not only brings some benefits but also allows you to create an online application form. In order to get free Application Form Templates, you can visit our ready to use application form samples section and find the best form to start from.

Which is the most searched application form template?

The most searched application form template on the web is the Job Application Form Template.

Which are the advantages of using AbcSubmit’s online application forms?

Let’s take for example the Job Application Form.

One advantage of requiring a job application is that it allows you to get a full, “at-a-glance” view of the applicant in the exact format that you need. For instance, if you’re more concerned with an applicant’s past employment over all other details, you can prioritize that at the top of the form and allow more space for listing the details. You also can ask specific questions on the job application as a way of initiating a pre-interview session. If you like the answers, you can then invite the person in for the final interview.

Another advantage of using AbcSubmit is that you don’t have any limitations, you can design your online application form as you want. After you’ve finished your form, you are able to set up custom email autoresponders, department-based form workflows, create approvals and choose who from your company will manage the approval, view approval heat map reports and many many more.

5. The fifth most used templates in the form builder world are the online booking form templates

Booking form templates are one of the most used forms that help businesses to accept online bookings and reservations. Our specially designed booking form builder helps you to create an extremely specific booking form without any difficulties. Make booking easy for your customers and clients with a straightforward booking form. You can visit our free booking form templates and find the best form to start from.

What kind of booking forms can I build with AbcSubmit?

If you want to create a stunning reservation form, you can use the best of our reservation form template. You can also give a look at the Flight Reservation Form Template, Online Booking Form Sample, Book A Room Form Template, Hotel Reservation Form, Hotel Booking Form Sample or just start creating your own booking form from scratch.

Can I connect booking form submissions with my calendar?

Sure, you can connect your calendar booking forms with over 500 apps such as Google Calendar using our integration with Zapier. AbcSubmit also provides an online calendar for your booking forms.

Which are the advantages of using AbcSubmit’s booking form builder?

1. Your business is always available for reservations.
You’re closed for the day. Does that mean clients have to wait until the next day to book a room? Online booking systems mean your business is open 24 hours a day,

2. An online booking system will reduce no-shows.
Customers who made a financial commitment by booking their own reservations are more likely to show up, resulting in significantly fewer no-show tee times. 

3. Online booking means faster payments.
With AbcSubmit online booking system you can ask customers to prepay for all-inclusive, activities and rentals.

4. Less phone time.
With an online booking form in place, you can collect easily all the info you need.

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