Easy to use and effective Sales Workflow Management

sales process is a set of repeatable steps that your sales team takes to convert prospects into customers. Building a sales process is absolutely necessary to your company’s success, and is perhaps the most important thing you can do as a sales manager to impact your team’s ability to sell.

If your sales team is operating without a sales process, you need to do something about it—right now. Fortunately, creating a sales process from scratch isn’t as complicated as it seems. To help give your sales reps a clear and effective path to follow, we’ve created this start-to-finish guide on how to build a sales process from the ground up.

Custom Workflows Designer

AbcSubmit comes with a visual business process designer that can be used as a workflow management tool for AbcSubmit Forms. AbcSubmit supports status driven business processes as well as sequential ones.

In your AbcSubmit forms, business processes can be used to automate your business processes of any kind.

Other examples of the use of business processes in AbcSubmit form builder are automatic supervisor notifications when a certain deal stage is reached, email approvals, automatic creation of tasks for other employees (send invoice, review contract, schedule a meeting, etc.), or creating rules for email communications with clients.

Holiday approval workflow | AbcSubmit

Records Management in a BigData Collection

The record management feature (big data collections lists) help you manage record-based data directly in the front end of the intranet. Supplier directories, product catalogs, expense items, and so on are all very easy to create and organize.

These lists obtained using our sales workflow solution can be exported as CSV or JSON.

Get all of these advantages with AbcSubmit record management collections.

Email Approvals Workflow

In any organization, work often needs to be formally approved before it can begin. Budgets, creative projects, marketing initiatives, invoices, and many other work items all move through a series of approvals before they are considered either ready for a kickoff or complete.

With AbcSubmit approval system, your business trips, holiday requests, order requests, and any other approval processes can be implemented using the approval block inside our form workflow tool. 


Build your own emails

With AbcSubmit sales workflow automation, you can create your own email notifications and then you can choose which email template you want to use in your workflow email notification block.

With our custom workflows tool, you can add links to articles, send your customers to a landing page, offer order forms links, send an estimate email and many more.

Lead Capture Form Builder

Generate qualified leads with intelligent & interactive custom Lead Capture Forms – provide an improved experience to users and increased conversions to business.

AbcSubmit enables its users to create personalized lead capture forms across their websites, in the simplest way – no coding required. You can add a custom title, logo, background image, description, button text to create a clear Call to Action for your visitors.

Lead capture form builder

Start creating your own sales process workflow diagram today!

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