Wufoo offline forms alternative free

AbcSubmit is a free Wufoo alternative for offline forms, optimized for offline data collection forms in mobile apps for Apple, Android and desktop devices. 

No matter where you are, with an internet connection or without, you can access your forms and accept free offline submissions on your mobile device.

Connect your forms with advanced workflows, 500+ apps, appointment calendars, and many more.

Close more deals with AbcSubmit’s free offline forms! 

AbcSubmit offline form app
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AbcSubmit allows you to create online forms using an easy-to-use editor and then use these forms with an offline app.


  1. Open the app link in your Chrome browser on your device and log in using your AbcSubmit credentials.
  2. After you’re logged in, at the top of the screen an Install button will appear. Click the install button and follow the installation process.
  3. An app will appear on your device screen after installation. You can use your forms in the offline mode now.


  1. Open the app link in your Safari browser on your device and log in using your AbcSubmit credentials.
  2.  After you’ve opened the PWA app link in Safari tap the Share button at the bottom of your device. 
  3. Tap the icon labeled Add to Home Screen.
  4. Tap Add in the upper-right corner and you’re ready to use the app.

What are some AbcSubmit advantages?

Sign your fillable PDFs

Free offline forms

Access and submit offline forms for free using our dedicated app for offline data collection.

AbcSubmit offline form app

Free offline APP

Free mobile app for any device. You can access your forms using your own device or your desktop.

On-Premise version

On-premise forms, websites, and workflows, running inside your courtyard.


Build your forms

Use the main AbcSubmit platform to build a form from scratch or start with a free form template.

Collect data anywhere with free offline mobile forms

Let your team members use the AbcSubmit’s mobile app to access and submit forms offlineCollect any type of data using our mobile app and submit offline form data.

Sync offline submitted data

Your offline submissions will sync with your server as soon as your team member connects to the internet again or when your team member choose to sync manually.

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