Top 5 Free Online QR Code Generators ready to use

Top 5 Free Online QR Code Generators online and ready to use

QR Codes have been around for two decades, but they never became mainstream. As the pandemic hit in 2020, QR Codes took the center stage. Brand owners and marketers felt inclined to use QR Codes as a contactless solution driver. From adding them on product packaging to replacing physical menus with QR Codes, these scan codes are everywhere. What started as a contactless way to deliver information, evolved into a direct-to-consumer communication channel for most brands.

Everywhere we go in our daily lives, we encounter and interact with plenty of QR codes: restaurants, businesses, schools, streets, and so on. The reason for this is that it is one of the simplest strategies to ensure that your potential clients locate and use your online resources right now. You may include any information in your QR code, and everyone who sees it will be able to open it on his phone in a matter of seconds. So, without a question, you should employ QR codes, especially if you run a local business. The challenge now is how to create one. There’s no need to worry: the finest QR code generators listed below not only allow you to produce standard white/black codes but also allow you to decorate and improve them to make them stand out.

1. QrCodeMaker free Qr creator

QrCodeMaker is a free-to-use online QR code maker that allows you to customize your QR with different colors and designs. You can create and download the desired QR code instantly from the website as a JPG, PNG, SVG, or base64 image, or you can print it as a PDF.

QrCodeMaker has an error correction of as much as 30%, you can also use it to add a logo image as long as it doesn’t cover more than 30% or covers the corners. Other ways that you can use to let your QR codes stand out are by customizing the form and shape, using your own colors, and adding a gradient color. 

Instead of having to click on endless buttons and scroll down chunks of text, it’s easy to see what you need to do next. You start by selecting a data type. From website URLs to events, the long list of different data types is neatly presented. As there’s no need to scroll up and down a drop-down menu, all the options are available at a glance.

Here are some QR code examples created with QrCodeMaker:

Paid Plan: No paid plan yet.

2. Beaconstac’s QR Code generator

Beaconstac offers a free option on its website that allows you to create a custom QR Code. The website also has informative material to help you get started. However, if you are evaluating it for a project/campaign and not for one-time use, I’d encourage you to sign up for a free trial to experience its potential.

QR Codes created using this solution are flexible, which means it supports multiple languages and you can change the content linked to it as and when required (dynamic).

While the dashboard provides analytics about the QR Codes, its Google Analytics integration gives a sense of the users that scanned them. The solution has great reviews on G2 (4.9/5) and most reviews repeatedly talk about its ease of use and vigilant customer support.

The platform supports enterprise brand needs with SSO login, age-gated redirects, password protection, and custom domains. The solution also allows adding multiple users, and teams and managing their access.

Since the use case is downloading a QR Code for product packaging, I found I was able to download high-quality QR Codes in SVG and EPS format.

3. QR Code Generator

First off, the website is easy to navigate and use. It answers almost all questions a first-time QR Code might have. Just like the previous solution, it offers customization options on the website. You can add a logo and download a static QR Code. However, the advanced features are available on a free trial. Do sign up for it.

The dashboard allows you to create dynamic QR Codes and add them to folders. The platform also displays QR Code scans and dissects data based on cities and devices.

4. The QR Code Generator

It is a basic solution that gets the job done, creating a black and white QR Code. It supports the humble QR Code types, such as text, URL, contact, or vCard QR Code, call, and SMS. The tool does have an option to create dynamic QR Codes upon sign-up, but the options are limited.

If you are looking for a customized QR Code, this should not be your preferred choice.

The website has a Sign-In option but no way to understand what you’re signing up for or what you would get once you do sign up.

5. GoQR

For a website that Google says is not secure, GoQR certainly isn’t the best of the lot. Any website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate should be avoided since the data you provide is not encrypted. Anyway, the website is lackluster and pretty challenging to navigate. Although it offers variety, both in creating QR codes and printing them on merchandise, the result does not inspire confidence. You can create business cards, T-shirts, and such but again, refrain unless you have no other choice from a privacy standpoint.

Paid Plans: GoQR’s plans are not instantly visible on the website. I had to scroll and click on 3 different links to get to the pricing page. They have quarterly and annual plans which are difficult to understand instantly. It starts at 5 euros/month billed annually which is $6.09/month at the time of writing this. Again, no enterprise-focused plan.

Start creating your free QR code with the AbcSubmit QR code generator with the logo in the middle.

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